Midland-Guilford Cricket Club has provided many players the opportunity to play cricket at the highest level in the women’s game before state selection for the last 8 years. In this time the club has experienced many victories and losses and continues to develop. Having won the title in each of the respective leagues; A grade 50 over (2009/10), T20 (2012/13), B grade 40 over (2009/10) and T20 (2011/12), Midland-Guilford is no stranger to the pressures of the game anddefinitelyhas the ability to win.

At the simplest form cricket is a game between bat and ball, the objective being to score one more run than the other team. However as you develop and become better at the sport we learn that it is much more than that; tactics, sledging and personal routines become part of the game. We spend hours trying to work out ways to better ourselves and our teams just for the sake of winning one game. This is what keeps us coming back for more. The opportunity to win another game and share that with our friends and teammates. We do not turn up to game hoping to lose, we do not like the feeling of losing, however to experience the taste of winning we must risk the chance that we will lose.

This year has been a tough year for the Midland-Guilford as we are facing a period of rebuilding. After starting with a win in the first match of the season we looked in good shape, but a string of losses brought us back to reality. We are still in with a chance of playing in the 50 over final if we continue our recent positive momentum and finish out the season well. The future is looking bright because of the amount of younger players coming through and competing at A grade level.



The Midland-Guildford Cricket Club came into the final aiming to claim their first 50 Over title since the 2009/10 season. After Melville won the toss and elected to bat, Midland-Guildford took an early wicket in the sixth over to have Jenny Wallace (10) run out by Bhavisha Devchand after Wallace’s bat became stuck in the turf. Melville were 1/15 at the time and by the time of their second wicket Melville had reached 107 in the 30


MGCC Ladies B grade is a bit of an interesting mix, with an age range from 14 to 50+

A few of us oldies came out of retirement to help make up the numbers to field a team. With a core group of young keen players, who really enjoy their cricket, it would have been a tragedy to not field a side for them to play in. As one of those oldies, I must say just how much I enjoyed the season, and how impressed I was with their skill, effort and enthusiasm for the game. …

Girls U1518 1516


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