MGCC Ladies B grade is a bit of an interesting mix, with an age range from 14 to 50+

A few of us oldies came out of retirement to help make up the numbers to field a team. With a core group of young keen players, who really enjoy their cricket, it would have been a tragedy to not field a side for them to play in. As one of those oldies, I must say just how much I enjoyed the season, and how impressed I was with their skill, effort and enthusiasm for the game. I hadn't really thought that a final would be a possibility, as most games were played with 9 or sometimes 10 players. It wasn't until the last game of the round prior to finals that we actually fielded a full side! To our credit, no one gave up,everyone stayed positive, and we came away with enough wins to make the four!

A low scoring semi final was held against University where a tight bowling attack, including an amazing 5 for 16 from Sheldyn Cooper, saw us come away with a win and a grand final berth.

Grand final day saw South Perth win the toss and elect to bat. That suited us fine, as our strength has been our bowling attack all season, and early wickets and fantastic line and length bowling ensured that South Perth were never going to make a high score. Great performances by Amanda Ballucci 3/10 and Angela McSwain 4/7, led the way for South Perth to be all out for 70. Wonderful fielding by the Middie Guildford girls, and yes, catches win matches.....and our catches all stuck.

We weren't cocky enough to think that it would be easy, and our batting plan was to be slow and steady and wait for the right ball. I know that makes for cricket, where the grass grows quicker than the runs, but it was a game in which only patience and discipline were going to get us over the line! We passed their score at 4/72 in the 32nd over. Some early steady batting by Rhi Barry (19) and Amanda Ballucci (13), and the ability for Caz March to hang around and annoy opening bowlers, left us in a good position to comfortably pass their score. Player of the Match, Amanda Ballucci led well with bat and ball and was very deserving of her medal.

Congratulations to Sheldyn Cooper who was named in the All Stars WACA women's team......very deserving, and the sky is the limit for this young talented make the team just backs up that she will be a key player with bat and ball in the A’s team, however, I for one, was privileged to have her in our side.

Thanks must go to Rowdy......the glue that held us all together (as she does the whole club). Rare gems like Rowdy are hard to find....her commitment and dedication to the Club and to our team cannot be measured. Rowdy's calm demeanor and her mentoring of young players cannot be underestimated, and it was wonderful to play in a winning GF side with her.

Thanks also to Angele Grey, who's experience and skills kept us focused and on task.

A great season ladies, it was an honour and a privilege for this old chook to be a part of it all. Each and every one of you contributed to our successful season, Caz March, Rhi Barry, Amanda Ballucci, Sheldyn Cooper, Chloe Wain, Anita Weir, Deanna Cooper, Madi Nichols, Emma Davidson, Angela McSwain and Melissa Horn.

By Wendy Stone

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