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Midland Guildford Cricket Club (Inc.) is proud to name the award after Jim McMullan, “Jim McMullan Memorial Trophy” for the “Most Promising Junior - under Eighteen Player” at the club each season which pays tribute to his services to cricket and recognising the performance of the club best under 18 player each season.

Writing about an icon of the stature of a man of Jim McMullan’s mould is to identify the complex characteristics which go to make the whole, in doing so a resume of his life is mandatory.

Jim was born in London in 1905 and grew up loving family but in a tough district. His love of cricket developed in the streets of East London and when possible headed for the Oval, particularly on days when the young were admitted for a penny. He eventually earned his membership by selling score cards on match days and by acting as an unpaid but willing curator. His heroes were John Berry Hobbs (Knighted in 1953 and the highest First Class run scorer in the history of the game, England and Surrey batsman) and Alf Gover (England and Surrey opening bowler) and whenever he could field deep behind the nets just so he could be in the same paddock as his heroes.

After an apprenticeship he qualified as a copper-smith later to become a Master copper-smith, which as he told me in his dry and deprecating manner, was the only one in Western Australia , but being required to work within the terms of his immigration ticket, found him working on the wheat bins in the central wheat belt.

Typically, Jim raised and organised a cricket team from among his work mates and challenged the next bin down the line a game, the wager a keg. It was the embryo district cricket in the wheat belt, the benefit for him was that they were short of a scorer since many were illiterate so with his undoubted charm he persuaded a young lady to take it on. Jim providing technical advice and recognising her undoubted talents both educationally and physically – married her, to become Enid McMullan.

Thus, began one of the most loving and enduring partnerships, which in many ways set the off field standard for Midland Guildford Cricket Club (Inc.). As so many stalwarts have done and still do, Jim became involved when his sons, Ian, Richard and Robert joined the ranks of the club’s junior system. From that movement, Jim and Enid were to devote their lives to family and cricket.

Their service to Midland Guildford Cricket Club (Inc.) was ultimately recognised when Enid was awarded Life Membership (Life Membership #14), thus joining Jim who had been honoured at the completion of 1959/60 season (Life Membership #7). This gave the Club the first husband and wife team of Life Members. To illustrate the depth and length of their commitment: Jim McMullan: Vice President - 12 years, Secretary - 8 years and WACA Delegate – 17 years. Enid McMullan: Scorer for junior cricket – 10 years, Scorer – First Grade – 14 years and WACA Scorer – 13 years.

Having summarised Jim’s background and identified his service to the Club, let us look at Jim the man: A staunch man who raised his family within thetennentshe inherited, with humour and discipline and an encouragement towards sport.

Jim maintained that team sports built on discipline and camaraderie. Politically staunch socialist who had a very comprehensive understanding of the numbers game, however he did not attempt to suborn others to his viewpoints.

There are many anecdotes which Jim would produce at appropriate moments, most amusing but which gave an understanding to his philosophy, out of the many we shared perhaps the most valuable was his definition of his basis for considering and taking decisions on cricket matters. It was:

For Cricket – go for it. If it is good for the Club and for cricket – go for it. If it was good for the State, the Club and Cricket, the Club and cricket – go for it. But if at any stage it is not good for cricket – Chuck it out.

To summarise Jim, he was a man of integrity, of unimpeachable ethics, unswerving loyalty, an unshakeable traditionalist, ahumoristand a loving family man. Above all he embodied the spirit of cricket and I am proud he was my friend.

Warwick Fear

Former President

Life Member

Midland Guildford Cricket Club (Inc.)

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