“To provide youngcricketers, in the greater Midland region, the opportunity to play cricket at the highest possible level and to experience success doing so”. Peter Volk - president

On behalf of the Management Committee, I would like to welcome you to the Midland Guildford Cricket Club.

I wish to sincerely welcome all new players who attended pre-season selection trials for Senior, Ladies and Junior grades and hope each one of you enjoys a long and successful career here with Midland Guildford Cricket Club.

The Management Committee, has been working hard in the off-season with many key objectives being achieved. One such achievement is the implementation of our Strategic Plan, a plan that will provide Midland Guildford Cricket Club clear goals over the next three years.

The key factors identified by this in-depth Strategic Plan are outlined below:


Goal 1: Strengthen an understanding of our history, core purpose & values to build a culture where all strive to achieve Premiership success and “live out” those core values.


Goal 2: Build strong relationships with community cricket clubs in the greater Midland area, recognising them as a vital contributor to the strength of MGCC.


Goal 3:Attract, develop and retain cricketers who strive for excellence, enabling them to achieve their personal best, enabling us to build a reputation as a force in WACA grade cricket.


Goal 4:Maintain the outstanding quality of the MGCC facilities and use these to advance the other strategic goals.


Goal 5:Encourage and support an innovative mind set across all levels of the club.

As we commence the2015/16 season, I wish all new and returning club members a successful and enjoyable season and I urge all players, officials, coaches and family members to become involved in MGCC - your Club - not just on the field but also in attending its various social functions and incontributing in appropriate ways to its overallrunningand well-being. In that way, both individual and collective success and enjoyment is assured.

Good luck to you all.

Peter Volk


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