Ray & Valma Martin

Ray and Val Martin (Life Members)have been associated with the Club since 1950.

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Ray played his first game for the club as a nineteen year old in December 1950, representing the club in the Third Grade as an all-rounder. Val was also present to watch Ray’s first match for the club and this was the start of their association with Midland Guildford Cricket Club (Inc.).

Ray made his First Grade debut on 2 November 1958 vs. West Perth at Midland Oval, playing alongside Keith Slater and the Gartrell brothers. Ray played his last First Grade game 8 December 1962. His First Grade statistics:

Matches: 28

Runs: 426

Wickets: 20

Catches: 8

Ray captained the Club’s Second Grade from 1963/64 to 1973/74 and retired from senior cricket at the completion of the 1978/79 season where he played in the Fourth Grade mentoring the clubs future players.

Val has been scoring for the club senior grades since 1950. When her children Trevor, Erron and Rodney were old enough to represent the club in juniors, Val scored every match and Ray was managing the individual junior sides to ensure the junior players had everything in place for their development.

When the junior game finished, Ray and Val would take their children from the junior fixture and travel to Ray’s senior fixture were Val would again manage the scorebook.

Val started her First Grade scoring in 1969/70 season until the 2010/11 season. Val was the official scorer for the Lilac Hill Festival Matches from 1990 to 2008. A special moment for Val was when she was scoring at Guildford Grammar School, with the now famous Umpire “Dickie Bird” an official during the fixture.

Ray and Val’s three children have represented the Club at Senior level:

Trevor played First Grade from December 1978; Erron playing Second to Fourth Grade and Rodney playing Second to Fourth Grade (Rodney also awarded Life Membership).

Ray played in three losing Grand Finals for the club, but Ray and Val took great pride with each of their children playing in winning Grand Final sides for the club.

When Ray retired from cricket as a player, he became the First Grade Manager in 1979/80 season and has not missed a season from this time.

Over the last 63 years, Ray and Val have participated with the club’s proud history of achievements. This includes:

1) Midland Guildford Cricket Club (Inc.) vs. International XI at Midland Oval dated 16 October 1960. Three thousand spectators attended the fixture. Ray opened the batting facing World renowned West Indian speedster, Wes Hall and was caught and bowled Garfield Sobers (many rate Garfield Sobers as the greatest ever all-round player and now known as Sir) for 18 runs;

2) The clubs many premiership wins in all grades, including One day and Colts fixtures;

3) Been part of the club which have seen nine players represent Australia and two represent England (Alec Stewart and John Crawley) and numerous players represent their State; and

4) The Lilac Hill Festival matches working with a dedicated team, a number of them worked collectively from 1990 to 2008 with outstanding service to benefit touring ICC teams and the clubs future with financial stability and improvement of facilities.

Ray’s involvement has extended to the Management Committee from 1965 to 1978 which included the position of Registrar and Junior Delegate to Swan Helena Junior Cricket Association (prior to Midland Guildford Junior Cricket Association).

Midland-Guildford Cricket Club (Inc.) Management Committee (Past and Present), Patron. Vice Patrons, Life Members and Members are proud of their achievements for such dedicated and honourable service to the Club and cricket throughout our District and within WACA community.

Vern Pearce

Vice President

Ray and Val Martin News Article

Martin Family


We have seen many changes in the clubsince we first have been associated withit, from Midland Oval to Lilac Hill Park.

Midland-Guildford’s home ground was originallyMidland Oval. What memories of that ground! The glareof the white painted cycle track, the man who used to lighta fire in his backyard at 4.30pm each Saturday afternoon,and if the sea breeze was in, the ground would fill withsmoke, Drinks bought out onto the oval in the teapotswith tea leaves floating in them, the fights that eruptedfrom the house that was situated between the ‘Little Oval’and the ‘Big oval’ with the fracas quite often ending up onthe oval disrupting play.

Afternoon teas were served under the bough shed thatbacked onto the bowling green, and often the men fromthe bowls would be hanging over the fence watching thecricket.

In the early years each grade would be issued with abag of gear, it being the captain’s responsibility to mindthe gear and keep it in good order. Many a time glovesand pads would have to be stitched to keep them in running repair. Times have changed now and each playerhas a bag of gear the size the whole team used to have

In 1957 the club was very much in the ‘red’ so underthe leadership of Mrs Edna Lane, who had two sons playing, a woman's committee was formed. Meetings werefirst held at the Freemasons Hotel, whose licensee wasPercy Valmadre, and later on these meetings were conducted at the home of Mrs Lane, where craft work wasdone by the ladies to raise money for the club.

EachSsturdya stall was set up in the pavilion and the goodssold, raffles were also conducted amongst the manyspectators who came to watch the cricket. The prize wasalways “1/2 dozen cordial” (you were not allowed to saybeer) and a fruit cake. Gradually money was raised, theclub came out of the ‘red’ and once again trophies couldbe presented to the outstanding players for the year.

Valma’s first memories of the club was when she andher father would go the oval to watch Midland-Guildford play, especially when Wally Driver was batting.The pubs in Midland would empty when the world gotaround “Wally Driver’s Batting”.

Valma’s work has continued with the club helping out inmany ways, from afternoon teas to scoring and some-times doing both. Fund raising, and scoring for the various grades which Flay or her sons were playing in, including 10 years with the under age competition as well as theseniors in the afternoon.

She commenced scoring with the “A” grade in 1969and to date has also scored for all the Lilac Hill festivalmatches as well as numerous social games and is still thefirst grade scorer.

Ray commenced playing with the club in the third gradeand gradually progressed through to the first grade in1958 in which grade he played until 1963. He then captained the second grade for six seasons and finished hisplaying career at the conclusion of the 1973 season.

Ray also coached and managed a junior team for tenyears as well as playing himself in the senior grades inthe afternoon. The family would go from one ground toanother eating lunch on the road. Trevor, Erron and Rodoften had to fill in the senior team till some player oranother would turn up, and quite often they fielded allafternoon.

Ray was also on the committee for 10 years as well asbeing registrar and also delegate to the Swan HelenaAssociation for the club as Midland-Guildford fielded twoteams in the Swan Helena Association under 15 competition.

Ray also played in an international team vs The WestIndies on 16th October 1960. The game was played onMidland oval and about 3000 people turned up to watchthe match. The Midland-Guildford players went in theircars before the match to the Perth Hotel where the WestIndians were staying to pick them up and they returnedthem to the hotel after the game.

Trevor, Erron and Rod all played in the junior competition as well as going on to the seniors.Trevor was an 8 y.o. when he played his first game inunder 16’s. Trevor went through the grades and playedhis first “A” grade game exactly 20 years after Ray. Heplayed his last “A” grade game on 10th February 1979when by this time he was married to Pat and they went toManjimup to live and work.

Trevor played cricket for Northcliffe, attaining life membership with that club as well as being made life member of the Warren-Blackwood cricket association. He won theWarren-Blackwood cricket association ‘Cricketer of theYear’ four times and captained the Warren-BlackwoodAssociation team more times than any other player initshistory. Plus he captained a country week team for aboutten years and in 1996 got a medal for the South WestSportsman of the year. He has played in the master’scompetition for Midland-Guildford.

Erron played in under 15’s for Midland-Guildford in theSwan Helena Association commencing as a 9 y.o.Gradually he progressed through the grades withMidland-Guildford playing a number of years in seniors.By this time he had a wife, Liz, who would always take onthe scoring for the team. Work commitments took away afew of the Saturdays and Erron could not fully commithimself to cricket, although he has played a few games inlater years with the masters for Midland-Guildford. He hasalways retained an interest in the club activities and nowthrough his business is a major sponsor of the club.

Rodcommenced playing for Midland-Guildford as a 9y.o. in the Swan Helena under 15’s, and he progressedthrough the grades from juniorsto seniorswith Midland-Guildford and won many awards both in juniors and seniors. He retired in 1999. He has played in the masterscompetition for Midland-Guildford since and is a regularvolunteer for the Lilac Hill Festival matches.

From December 1981 Midland-Guildford played twoseasons at Lilac Hill Park under canvas while the newPavilion was being built. It had been the end of an eraafter nearly 80 years having Midland oval as a homeground. A tent would be erected each week-end for theplayers and scorers for shelter and afternoon tea wastaken in the Caversham Pavilion, with the supplies forMidland-Guildford being carted to the ground each week.The umpires always allowed an extra 10-15 minutes forafternoon tea. It did not always work out sharing with thathome team there, but we survived.

Round 13, 12th march 1993 Midland-Guildford vsNedlands, the pavilion was nearly completed, it had a roofon, no windows or doors, but we used the building toscore from. There was builders rubbish everywhere, butthat did not stop the boys from kicking a football aroundinside the pavilion.

Ray has_been manager for the first grade team formany years’ and he is noted for being on time with thedrinks during the game.Flay was honoured with Life Membership in 1972,Valma in 1984 and Rod in 1996.

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