Club Logo 1 copy.jpgMidland Guildford Cricket Club started its association with the WACA in 1902/03 when it submitted a B-Grade team in the WACA Competition under thename – Midland Junction and District Turf Cricket Club. In 1910/11 the clubwas admitted to the First Grade competition with a team also playing in B2-Grade. The home ground at the time was Midland Oval.

In 1914/15 Midland Junction’s area took in the Swan District region and duly changed its name to Midland-Swan Cricket Club.

In 1918/19, arising from the post-war reconstruction of the club, and indeference to the many players from Guildford, the Club’s name was againchanged to the Midland Guildford Cricket Club. Only a B-Grade team playedin the competition for this season.

In 1919/20 Midland Guildford entered a First Grade team in the WACAcompetition. Three years later, in October 1923, it was decided that the Clubcolours would be black and white.

In September 1941, World War Two was raging and due to high-pressurework programmes for military requirements in the Midland workshops, noMidland Guildford teams were nominated.

The club remained in abeyance until the 1946/47 season when it wasreconstructed. The first game was played in October of 1946.

Midland Guildford Cricket Club has always provided a pathway for individualsto develop their game and to aspire to State and International selection. Anumber of players have attained these goals. The club has further developedoverseas players who have gone on to represent their own countries.

In the 1981/82 season, the Club moved its home ground from Midland Oval tothe picturesque Lilac Hill Park ground in Caversham.

Lilac Hill 2008.jpg

Over the years Midland Guildford Cricket Club has had many successes, themost memorable being the 19-years during which the Club hosted the LilacHill Festival Matches against visiting overseas teams.

The Club has a good working relationship with the WACA and now fields foursenior men’s teams, four junior teams and two female teams.

Val Martin

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